Fabrice Juan x Monde Singulier

Fabrice Juan

Fabrice Juan is a designer, interior architect, and founder of the design agency that carries his name. Over the course of his career, he has completed many prestigious projects which showcase the historical roots of a building while infusing the space with his distinctly modern and playful vision. He has his own line of furniture and decorative objects underpinned by his singular take on French art de vivre. Fabrice Juan is tirelessly creative, so he is constantly expanding and developing his lines and areas of expertise. He is passionate about the balance between detail and simplicity and loves to create unprecedented shapes and spaces. He is currently particularly interested in exploring bold color palettes that kindle both surprise and a sense of joy. He regularly works on all types of projects, from coastal villas to Parisian apartments. He deeply engages with the spaces he designs, incorporating allusions to its location and neighborhood. “I love when a home embraces and emphasizes its surroundings,” he explains. Fabrice Juan has a unique ability to combine ideas from across the globe with the best of French design and finesse.

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