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Elisa Uberti

Elisa Uberti is a French artist and designer. After around fifteen years spent in fashion, she decided to take the time to work with her hands and create new projects. Sensitive to the beauty of ceramics, she feels the need for creative freedom and a return to simplicity. Since 2018, in her Roubaix workshop, she has been shaping sandstone, to create works on the border between art and design with curved and comforting shapes born from an ancestral manual gesture. She also works with local artisans to create projects in other materials such as wicker and wood. Her work form a particular microcosm, far from standardization, and demonstrate her artistic sensitivity. A refined universe with multiple inspirations linked by the same common thread, respect for the passing of time and a need for timelessness. In her work, she constantly seeks the difficult balance between the rigor of technical constraints and the necessary freedom and spontaneity of gesture. Crédit Photo : Studio Mut's

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