Monde Singulier / Dimore Milano

APRIL 14, 2024 - APRIL 21, 2024

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"Limited Edition"

“Limited Edition” is the new collection of seven unique pieces created by Emiliano Salci for DIMORESTUDIO. For this collection, the designer revived classic pieces from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and transformed them with his unique vision into contemporary and enticing creations. These are deconstructed, disassembled, and reassembled pieces, revived with new accessories and shiny new lacquers, in a variety of materials such as brass, gold and polished steel that infuse them with new life and irreverent charisma.
These seven unique pieces were crafted by DIMORESTUDIO in 2018 and were never displayed to the public before. Each of them is limited to a single copy, and will be certified by Emiliano Salsi's personal signature. Monde Singulier is delighted to partner with one of the greatest Italian design firms to unveil during the Salone del Mobile this bold selection, carrying timeless emotions.
We would be pleased to have you join us as we reveal this outstanding collection, set within the ambiance of DIMORECENTRALE’s exquisite venue. Nothing matters more than meeting with our partners and clients in person, and this collaboration would hold the greatest significance if we could collectively share it with you. If you would like a private visit to this exhibit, please send us an email at


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Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini, 63 - Milan, Italy

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