Aède Studio x Monde Singulier

Aède Studios

AÈDE is a interdisciplinary design studio based in Paris, whose primary focus lays in the field of high-end furniture and fine objects design. Their creations explore a blend of history's influence, a fascination with narratives, and a commitment to craftsmanship. Inspired by the dynamic synergy of these elements, each of their creations reflects a harmonious fusion that embodies the essence of their passion and dedication. The name "Aède" pays homage to classical Greek singers and epic poets, reflecting the tradition of storytelling and transmitting cultural and historical narratives through the captivating medium of design. At Aède, we embrace a departure from prevalent mass production in favor of design imbued with personal value and narrative depth. From an aesthetic standpoint, their creations draw inspiration from the Art Deco movement. They infuse mystery, heritage, history, and folk elements into their designs while striving for meticulous craftsmanship and product quality. Founded by three partners, Fedor Velyaminov, Ana Mira and Alix Declercq, fusioning backgrounds in interior design, graphic design, architecture and branding, AÈDE studios creates each collection as an hommage to a specific era or culture, ensuring that every object carries a unique story, adding meaning to the craftsmanship. The first Racines Collection is released in 2024. All pieces are carefully handcrafted in Europe.

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