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Zyva Studio



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Zyva Studio
Name :
Zyva Studio

Specialities :
A practice operating between architecture and design

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Anthony Authié (born in 1992) is a French architect. He lives and works in Paris. His architectural novel Baston de regards, a reflection on the professional experiences of a young architect, is published by Parenthèses Editions in 2018. He founded Zyva Studio in 2019, a practice operating between architecture and design, and released “Muscle”, an essay that explores the relationship between the body and architecture. He later developed a series of works exploring Trans-Design, including furniture and the global environment. Exploring boundaries of visual representation, Anthony Authié, a selfdescribed maximalist architect and “Trans-Designer”, draws inspiration in the reminiscences of his youth in the 2000s. His work is informed by diverse popular references, ranging from Matrix to Dragon Ball Z, Arnold Schwarzenegger, car tuning and reality television. His projects are published in specialized magazine Designboom, Domus, AD, Coté Paris, Frame, Dezeen, Stir.


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